The Crew


E.J. Kowalski, Helldriver

EJ of Reading, Pennsylvania, lifelong hotrodder, Bonneville record holder, owner of Kowalski Customs, and  long time fan of the thrill shows, brought these lucky Devils together in 2017 to pay homage to the Hell Drivers of the past and bring the classic Thrill Show to a new generation, performing some of the very same acts from the early days of the Thrill show as they are intended on his 1949 Harley Davidson.

He will drive the machine through a wall of hellfire, display precision driving skill in his 1950 Ford stunt car, act as a human battering ram, and perform the death defying ‘Slide for Life’…also known as the ‘Sui-slide’.



‘Jumpin’ Jimmy Loughlin,  Helldriver 

From Jamestown New Jersey, Jimmy is a car builder, thrill seeker, hotrodder/racer, Pure Vintage Racing co-founder, ‘Down For Life’ stunt rider, owner of Ray’s Hot Rods. Jimmy precision drives his 1948 Plymouth sedan through a wall of fire with a brave stuntman hanging on to the hood for dear life in a classic act stunt known as the ‘Human Battering Ram’. Marvel at how he controls the automobile through slides and reverse spins with ease, before jumping this same automobile of a ramp and through a wall of Hellfire in mid air!



John ‘For Life’ Loughlin, Helldriver

Hailing from Monroe New Jersey, Johnny is our motorcycle wheelie specialist. 10 year cycle stunt guy with the ‘Down For Life’ crew, hotrodder/racer, Pure Vintage Racing co-founder, Rays Hot Rods, he has been riding on one wheel longer than most have on two. He demonstrates the skill, technique, and total control over the machine needed to execute these flat land maneuvers. 

You guessed it folks, the Loughlins are brothers. We’d give their daddy hell for not raising them right, but he’s crew and we need him to stick around til the end of the show.



Corinna ‘Miss1932’ Mantlo, Firestarter & Helldriver in training

Up next, we have our Fire Starter, Corinna of New York City, New York is the Owner of Via Meccanica, Founder of Cine Meccanica & The Miss-Fires CC/MC, and thrill show costumer. Watch as she wields the torch, sending these boys riding straight into a solid wall of hellfire. 

But don’t let that pretty face fool you, she is hell on wheels herself, and this year for the very first time after a year of training, she will perform as a Helldriver, exhibiting feats of skill on the Bally rollers, and attempting all the same stunts as the fellas.  



Mike ‘Shoe’ Nyegaard, MC

Shoe, tattoo shop owner and artist from Brick, NJ is the Lucky Devil Announcer, and voice of reason. He’s got the gift of gab and will talk your ear off while the daredevils risk life and limb for your entertainment. 



LDHD Mom.jpg


Donna ‘Mom’ Ratynski

Retired hairdresser, and E.J’s real life mom, Donna is the den mother to this gypsy circus. She sells the merchandise, and always has snacks and bandaids on hand. 




The Crew

Last but not least, transporting, setting up, breaking down, and making this crazy show go off without a hitch takes a skilled and dedicated team. It’s the crew behind the scenes that makes the show possible. We could not do it without them.

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